Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here is a list of the most popular activities at Liberty Lake Day Camp based on how quickly the electives are filled... 

5 . Lanyard – This Camp favorite has been a staple in all Camps for years.  But did you know that lanyard dates all the way back to the 15th century?  It is true! However the lanyard we do today at Camp is for pleasure and not always for its main purpose from the 15th century, to carry objects.

4.  Swimming – Whether it be the water tramp, swim team, water aerobics, swim lessons or just free swim with your group, being in the 
water is the highlight of any campers day and a great way to cool off!

3.  High Rope Adventure – This is a true test of courage! Many campers have tried and few succeed in mastering their nerves while climbing the Vertical Playground and walking across the cat walk to go down the zip line that stretches across the lake.  Do you have what it takes?

2.  Hulla-Ball – Is a game made up by Hullabaloo and is a Liberty Lake original version of Four-Square. Fun Fact: Four Square dates back to 1964 but has evolved through the years into many different varieties.  Hulla-Ball is played on a flat surface with a court divided into four squares and each square is given a ranking (Ace, King, Queen, Jack). The object of the game is to become the Ace so you can control the rules of the game.  For more info on Hulla-Ball see theHulla-Ball Rule Book.

1.  Ga-Ga – The number one sport at Liberty Lake actually started out in Israel as a form of dodge ball.  Ga-ga is played in a large octagon or hexagon called the Ga-Ga pit.  Ga-Ga begins with someone throwing the gaga ball up into the air.  When it bounces the players say "Ga" each bounce for the first three bounces. Players are out if they double touch, hit the ball out of the octagon or if they get hit below the waist.

What is most fascinating about this list is that Liberty Lake offers countless electives, from climbing a rock wall, to laser tag, and digital photo but the top 5 things on the list are games that have been played for hundreds of years.  Playing and being at camp is like taking a step back in time because these top 5 activities are the same games played before the Internet, or texting, or even TV.  I guess some things are just in our DNA and that’s why we all love camp so much!! 

Can't wait to see everyone at camp!!!!! ONLY 26 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

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