Monday, January 31, 2011

Senior Focus Group Recap

Last Friday was our Third Annual Senior Focus Group. While we can’t promise that we will grant all of the children’s wishes (no, we won’t give out free slushies everyday), we do value and appreciate the opinions of our campers and have put many of their ideas into action in the past!

Here are some of the highlights from both our Focus Group Discussion and online survey.

New activities/electives:
World Sports (rugby, handball, etc.), Survivor Gaga, World Cup Soccer, Trampoline, Dodgeball, Jenga Tournament at Senior Soiree, more Larping and potato launchers.

Special Event Ideas: King and Queen at Senior Dance, Jersey Shore fist pumping contest, Senior Camp Movie Night, additional trip at Gold Rush besides the Zoo, 3 team Color War and a big after-Camp party to celebrate our 10th anniversary

New Lunch ideas:
burritos, ribs, Chinese food and Fettuccine Alfredo

Community Service Projects for CITs/LITs:
Planting trees & flowers, food pantry drive, help at a soup kitchen, environmental preservation, go to a nursing home and visit an orphanage

Topics and issues that CITs & LITs would like to learn more about: conflict amongst campers, communication skills, job interview skills, Autism, how to be a leader and stress management.

And finally… here’s a great quote from one particular CIT: “I think teens as LITS & CITS should work harder to help more and should be given the opportunity to help more.” (WE AGREE!)

Thanks again to all of the campers and leaders that attended the Focus Group and completed our online survey.

Feel free to send us additional suggestions/comments via email,, Facebook, and/or our Blog!

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Beauty" Pageant

Our Annual "Beauty" Pageant is always one of camper's favorite Special Events each summer. Seeing their favorite Counselors and Group Leaders dressed as the opposite gender always brings a lot of laughs, and occasionally a few screams. Check out our Best Of The Beauty Pageant album on Facebook and Team Members-get ready to "de-tag" yourselves...

Best of 10: "Beauty" Pageant Album on Facebook

Friday, January 21, 2011

Best of 10 Album Series!

Victorious Red Pirates of 2006
We will be posting an amazing series of "Best of 10" photo albums on Facebook in celebration of our 10th anniversary this summer! Here is our first one-"Best of 10: Color War," featuring some of the most memorable Color War moments in Liberty Lake's history. Click Away, "Like Us", and Enjoy!

Liberty Lake's "Best of 10" Facebook Album: Color War!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Teen Leadership at Camp!

Unfortunately, much of what kids learn in school is not essential to their future. For the most part, school curriculums are preparing kids to take high-stakes standardized tests rather than preparing them for the realities and challenges of the 21st century. Liberty Lake’s Teen Leadership Programs, the 9th Grade Leader in Training (LIT) Program and 10th Grade Counselor in Training (CIT) Program, provide teens with useful skills and knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.

While not every teen needs to be able to solve a quadratic equation, most teens would benefit from learning how to set goals, make decisions, manage stress and solve conflicts. This is not to say that math, social studies and science are not important, but the preoccupation with student’s academic achievement in today's schools has led to far too many kids leaving high school lacking life skills and unprepared for adulthood. It is our hope at Liberty Lake that our CITs & LITs will have the tools necessary to become happy and successful adults.

As Coordinator of the CIT & LIT Programs at Liberty Lake, it has been an absolute pleasure to see the incredible growth of our kids. As one LIT so eloquently stated in her end of the summer survey, “Being an LIT has really changed me. People like Brandon, Erin and BZ have really done a great job inspiring all of us. This summer was unforgettable and I would recommend the LIT program to anyone going into 9th grade.”

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playing Outside (in the Snow), Going the Way of the Outhouse?

With progress comes loss. Indoor plumbing (great invention, by the way) lost the outhouse. But has modern technology at the fingertips of our kids lost PLAYING OUTSIDE (IN THE SNOW)? I couldn't help notice during the week between X-mas & New Year's with a Winter Wonderland outside, my neighborhood was a virtual ghost town. Making snowmen, sledding and snowball fights- replaced by X-Box 360, texting, video chat, 1000 Channel TV, and my personal favorite- TiVo (DVR).

When we were kids (and I hate saying that), it was "The Guiding Light", "As the World Turns" or go outside and play in the snow! Wasn't much of a choice. Heck, we didn't even have VCRs back then- 5 channels of nothing, my baseball card collection, Lincoln Logs- My goodness- We were like cavemen in the 70s! 

Thank goodness for outdoor Camps like Liberty Lake that encourage kids to swim in a lake, get muddy, and interact with new kids (face to face). And a shout out to the Cub Scouts who spent yesterday outside in the snow competing in the Klondike. As parents, it's our responsibility to give our kids a push to play. OUTSIDE.

Let us know what you think~

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crafts Creek Watershed Association

BIG meeting tonight with the environmental caretakers of Crafts Creek- the tributary that becomes Liberty Lake.  These folks are the local citizens who actively protect the Liberty Lake eco-system!  The meeting is at The Rutgers Eco-Complex across from Liberty Lake.  If you live in the area, or would like to become part of the group- go to their Website: