Sunday, May 6, 2012

NJ Renaissance Faire at Liberty Lake, the First Two Weekends in June!

LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD- The Next Two Weekends, at the NJ Renaissance Faire @ Liberty Lake

While watching the talented NJRF cast practice their performances this past week, I had an epiphany, as to what it is about the Renaissance Faire, that makes it so magical...

As adults, we are always fascinated by the imagination of children. The way they can transport themselves into make-believe situations, create entire universes inside their heads, and spend hours in their bedroom or backyard with just only their creativity and imagination limited them.  Remember those days?  Those were the days!  So care-free and wonderful. 

We'll, I'm writing tonight to tell you that those days do NOT have to end!  For some of us, we continue to embrace our imagination, and refuse the notion that being grown-ups means to be BORING!  For more people than you'd think- Renaissance Faires are an oasis of fun- Letting your imagination run wild, in a beautiful Shire filled with the most uber-talented actors, musicians, stunt-men, artisans, jousters, falconers and aerialists you have ever met! You may not be able to swallow a sword or juggle fire, but you are certainly eligible to interact with these folks, be entertained by them, while devouring your own turkey-leg and giant pickle!  

At Liberty Lake, we have a summer staff of almost 200, most of whom understand the joy and exuberance of childhood, and love to be around it.  At the NJ Renaissance Faire, a typical day brings well over 1000 people who not only embrace their inner-child, but their inner-child-MEGA-IMAGINATION!  So I dare you... Go with it, jump in, join the fun, step back in time- about 500 years before your childhood- and you'll have a wonderful experience (and be back for more!)

What: Liberty Lake will once again become the Shire of Crossford for the 2012, Three Musketeers-themed New Jersey Renaissance Faire. The family-friendly festival features an ecclectic variety of entertainment, food, and activities, including jousting, sword fighting, comedy, music, and Valenzano Winery “Meade Garden”- as well as an extensive Merchant Village of fine crafts, trinkets, armoury, and period clothing. 

When: June 2,3 + 9,10 ~ 11am to 6pm

Where: Liberty Lake 1195 Florence-Columbus Rd,  Bordentown, NJ 08505 (minutes off the NJ and PA turnpikes, Rt. 206, and Rt. 130; seconds from Rt. 295, exit 52A.) 

Admission: • $20 for adults • $12 for children, 6-12 • Free for children 5 and under • Discount tickets online at

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