Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Parent Feedback Survey – Summary of Responses

Thank you to the 100 + parents that completed our end of the summer survey! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. We love hearing about what you love about Liberty Lake, and your suggestions on how we can improve are a big help in our off-season planning.

Below is a quick snapshot of the responses -

Q: What makes Liberty Lake Day Camp such a special place for you and your family?

My son has Special Needs. This was his first camp experience he has had without an aid. He did GREAT! He was so happy at Liberty Lake. His independence and comfort level were amazing. He said how nice everyone was to him and he can't wait to go back! THANK YOU!”

“We love that it is all about making friends, learning to work with people and playing outside and getting dirty. One of the best things is that there are no electronics ~ this is great! I love that my kids come home dirty and tired after a long day of playing and just being kids. It's nice to be around people with similar views and it's nice to know that our children are being well cared-for.”

“Tons of activities they have never been exposed to surrounded by a caring staff. An opportunity to learn and grow both academically and socially. I wish we signed her up years ago! She loved it!!”

“The chance to be good as in the 'good old days' before sitting on butts playing video games all day.. And of course, the staff, electives etc. There's nothing in NJ like LLDC”

Q: Please RATE your feelings from 1 (poor) to 5 (AMAZING) with this summer's service or program:

More than 95% of parents rated us with a 4 or a 5!!

Q: How can we make the Camp experience better for next summer?

“Food needs fewer carbs and sugar, more veggie options than just salad and more lean protein.”

“You should sell LLDC tees and other items at Family Night ~ I think it would do well and we would definitely make purchases.”

“We would love a bus pickup/dropoff site in Collingswood!”

“I'd appreciate more frequent communication/updates from the counselors. Sort of a group version of the weekly-ish notes we got at the younger levels. Sometimes the incite helps us prime the kids to tell us more about their days...”

"Discuss with the older kids preparing to become CIT/LITs what the program is and that it is important to LLDC if they want to become counselors in the future.”

“Enhance pre and post weeks.”

“Keep the pricing reasonable.”

“It would be fun to see some sort of closer to real time info feed. Hourly twitter updates, or mobile web cam that might follow the action and broadcast the gaga tournament or tug-o-war, live-ish photo stream...I don't know. The kids are obviously excited to be there, but the parents are excited about it too. Just catching the kids crossing the driveway on the webcam is great fun.”

“LOL make it all year long.”

Well unfortunately we can’t make camp year long : ( 

Although it sure would be nice! 

However, the people that are at Liberty Lake all-year (Andy, Jill, Jason, Joe, Brandi, Ellyn & Justin) will work hard to put many of your suggestions into action for 2012! While the Liberty Lake experience is excellent, we also know that it can always be better. Thanks again for helping us with this, and you can send us additional comments & suggestions at any time –

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