Monday, October 24, 2011

Teen Leadership Program Update

Last Friday we hosted our first annual HalloTeen Party -- and it was awesome! Thank you to the 70+ Teen Leaders that attended, it was great to see all of you. Check out our HalloTeen Photo Album on Facebook!

Here's a look at some of the changes that we have in store for 2012 -

Program Name Change: Entering 9th graders are now CITs – Campers in Transition & entering 10th graders are now LITs – Leaders in Training.

New Daily Schedule for 10th Graders: Entering 10th grade LITs are not going to be assigned to camper groups, but will still spend a lot of their time with younger campers and assisting camp staff. The new daily schedule will allow us to maximize leadership time – as 10th graders are going to spend more time doing more community service and camp-wide projects than ever before.

10th Grade Challenge Training: Exclusively for members of the 10th grade LIT Program. The challenge training will take our young leaders out of their comfort zone, while focusing on goal setting, teamwork, and going beyond their perceived limits. Whether high in the trees on Liberty Lake’s awesome High Ropes Course or in the trenches with their fellow LITs, this training promises to be engaging and exciting!

Leadership Events: As a reward for all of the hard work and effort of our program participants, we are going to host Teen Leaders Only Events during the off-season and in the summer!

Teen Leadership LIT Shirts: Just as members of the Liberty Lake Staff Team have their own shirts, Teen Leaders will too! These shirts will distinguish program participants as the young leaders of our camp community.

Keep in mind that these are the changes that we have planned for next summer as of now, and camp is still more than 6 months away. We want to know what you think - your input is incredibly valuable to us, after all, these programs, are for YOU. 

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