Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 2011- Update from the Lake!

We've been very busy at Liberty Lake since the end of Camp!

After surviving the QUAKE AT THE LAKE during post week, Hurricane Irene came to town, and boy oh boy- did she leave her mark- We're still cleaning up!  Check out this video if you want to see some crazy flood footage that Liberty Lake had NEVER experienced before, and know that we had most of it cleaned up the next weekend for Brandi's camp wedding with Kyle!

The flooding all around New Jersey is hopefully helping our case that there shouldn't be four warehouses bordering the north and west of Liberty Lake, as all of that asphalt and rooftop will undoubtedly make things even worse. In addition, we are dealing with the Turnpike widening, which is also threatening our lake. Thank you to everyone that signed the petition for the DEP public hearing- it should be granted. Check out the video that a few of our amazing Teen Leadershippers created, with the help of about 50 Campers:

We're actually changing the semantics of our Teen Leadership Program- 9th Graders will now become CITs- CAMPERS IN TRANSITION, and 10th Graders will be LEADERS IN TRAINING:

If you haven't filled out the 2011 Camper and Parent Surveys, PLEASE DO SO ASAP- We are starting to meet and plan for 2012, and we'd love to take your advice in making decisions on new initiatives and programs for next summer.  

We already have some good stuff that we're working on- How about this for next year: THREE COLOR WAR TEAMS: RED, WHITE & BLUE!


While the prices of EVERYTHING at Liberty Lake has gone up: Insurance, Bus Transportation, Staff Salaries, Food, etc- AT LIBERTY LAKE, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING- SO WE HAVE FROZEN OUR TUITION!  Tuition has stayed the same since October 1st of 2010, as we are committed to helping our Camp Families as much as we can- We realize that most families are going to great lengths to financially afford Liberty Lake, and give their children the best possible summer experience they can- So at LLDC, we want to be your partners, and work with you through this economic downturn.  

So CLICK HERE to Sign Up, Put Down a Refundable Deposit for 2012, and join the hundreds of Camp Families getting preferential bunking with their Camp Friends, plus reserving theFROZEN 2011 RATES, and are now eligible for the November 15 EARLY PAY DISCOUNT.  Many families have opted for our monthly payment plan- splitting up tuitions over the course of the Fall, Winter and Spring!  If you have any questions, just call us in the Camp office.

"10-Year Pioneers" Cruise
We had our 10-Year PIONEER Cruise with the 28 Campers- now mostly staff- who started with us in the summer of 2002. This makes us REAL proud: 

There's lots pictures and news like this, including awesome photo albums- on our LLDC Facebook Fanpage We also have been Tweeting and Blogging great stuff- Check out this awesome article from the NY Times that validates a lot of what we do with our Liberty Lake 5-Points Character Development Program which we started last summer:

Please fill out the Surveys, stay in touch, and let us know about anything that can make Liberty Lake better for next summer.  Look out for the Summer DVD Movie Premiere announcement soon- We already miss our little Liberty Lakers, and are looking forward to next Summer!

Andy Pritikin and the Liberty Lake Team

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