Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9th & 10th Grade Leadership Program: What's New for 2011?

Believe it or not, the start of Camp is less than 2 months away! All hands are on deck in the LLDC office and on the grounds, getting ready for our 10th Anniversary Summer--which promises to be spectacular! We’re making several improvements to our 9th grade LIT Program and 10th grade CIT Program to make the summer of 2011 better than ever for our teens! Here's a list of some of these new and nifty changes-
  • The 9th and 10th graders are now it’s own Division-known as the “Leadership Division.”
  • The Leadership Division is going to have three Division Leaders-myself (JBZ), Erin Walton, and Terri Southerland-a newcomer whose experience as a teacher and running Boy Scout Camps will be a valuable addition to the program!
  • The new area for trainings, arrival and dismissal is the Vista! We're moving on up! (Although the Leadership Lagoon will be missed.....)
  • Staggered internship period schedule -Giving CITs & LITs more of an opportunity to assist at electives and interact with the children!
  • More “CIT Only Time” -- For the first time ever, our CITs will meet together for arrival and eat lunch as a group! We recognize that teens need time to "chill" and we're giving it to them!
  • Weekly Awards --Every week we will announce 1 male and 1 female “LIT of The Week," as well as 1 male and 1 female “CIT of The Week.” Of course, winners will receive something nifty for their efforts!
  • CITs will have an extra training period! One dedicated to leadership and camp counseling skills and the other focused on community service and challenge games! More tools for their leadership toolboxes!
  • The CIT Trip this summer will be a SLEEP OVER at a Camp in the Poconos! It's sure to be an action-packed and fun-filled adventure!
  • A new and improved training program that will be more interactive and hands-on than last summer's. Program participants will grow as individuals and leaders....and have fun doing it!
  • More opportunities for community service in support of our newly formed Liberty Lake Foundation and assisting with our ongoing efforts to prevent the warehouse project from being finalized.
Feel free to send us any suggestions that you may have for the summer by commenting on this blog article or e-mailing us,

The Countdown to the Summer is ON! I better start looking for my whistle.....

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