Friday, February 25, 2011

What is the New Jersey Renaissance Faire?

In case you missed it, Liberty Lake has been swept away by the magic of the Renaissance! This year's New Jersey Renaissance Faire is going to be held on June 4, 5 and 11, 12 from 11am - 6pm each day. Last year, nearly 3,000 people attended our first annual event!

The NJ Renaissance Faire is a family friendly festival with a wide variety of entertainment, food, and activities, including jousting, sword fighting, and boat rides with Shakespeare — along with a sprawling Merchant Village of crafts, crystal balls, and even period clothing.

Last year, guests were able to watch the drama unfold between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. This June it will be King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table who will visit our faire. Come join us to see how the story will end!

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And if you're a neophyte to the world of Ren Faires, Wikipedia has a great entry on the history of Renaissance Faires in the United States- they are more of a phenomenon across the country than you might have thought- Click here to read!

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