Friday, February 4, 2011

Bullying & The Bystander Effect

Did you hear about Eagles player Desean Jackson’s incredible act of
support for a teenage boy that was horrifically bullied. Check out the
story here if you missed it-

In each of the bullying incidents involving the teen, there were
others present, yet no one provided him with any assistance. This
unfortunate phenomenon is known as the “Bystander Effect.” The more
people that witness a bullying incident, the less likely it is that
someone will report it or provide assistance.

The effects of bullying on children are severe-including a
loss of self-esteem, depression, isolation and poor performance in

25% of kids will be a victim of bullying at some point. Roughly 85% of
all bullying incidents are witnessed by someone else. Here’s a great
resource from the Reach Out Foundation to help you and your child
better understand bullying, it’s impact and ways in which observers can
safely help to decrease bullying in their schools, communities and at

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