Monday, January 17, 2011

Teen Leadership at Camp!

Unfortunately, much of what kids learn in school is not essential to their future. For the most part, school curriculums are preparing kids to take high-stakes standardized tests rather than preparing them for the realities and challenges of the 21st century. Liberty Lake’s Teen Leadership Programs, the 9th Grade Leader in Training (LIT) Program and 10th Grade Counselor in Training (CIT) Program, provide teens with useful skills and knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.

While not every teen needs to be able to solve a quadratic equation, most teens would benefit from learning how to set goals, make decisions, manage stress and solve conflicts. This is not to say that math, social studies and science are not important, but the preoccupation with student’s academic achievement in today's schools has led to far too many kids leaving high school lacking life skills and unprepared for adulthood. It is our hope at Liberty Lake that our CITs & LITs will have the tools necessary to become happy and successful adults.

As Coordinator of the CIT & LIT Programs at Liberty Lake, it has been an absolute pleasure to see the incredible growth of our kids. As one LIT so eloquently stated in her end of the summer survey, “Being an LIT has really changed me. People like Brandon, Erin and BZ have really done a great job inspiring all of us. This summer was unforgettable and I would recommend the LIT program to anyone going into 9th grade.”

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