Friday, March 30, 2012

Playgrounds, Tipis, and a ZOOOOOM FLUME!!!!

Greetings Liberty Lakers, young and old!

After attending the Tri-State Camp Conference, a couple of weeks ago (which Andy & Brandi help plan), our brains are full of fresh ideas, and our facility has gained a few new items of EXTREME interest!

First off- Playgrounds! 

Twin Cedars Playground, with More to Follow!
Liberty Lake's "Davey Jones" Pirate Ship Playground will have some friends this summer, as during this great warm weather, facility manager Stu has installed a playgrounds up at the Twin Cedars area where the tether ball courts used to be- we will move one. Our before/after care campers will be THRILLED when they see it in person!  Next a playground will be installed to the west (left) of the main volleyball court- something to do after you finish lunch and CLEAN UP...  And lastly, Turtle Town will be getting their own playground, as well as a swing set, and a few of those bouncy, wiggly animal thingies that little kids love!
~ The Liberty Lake Tipi ~

Next.. a Tipi! 

We can thank the luck of assistant director Ellyn, as her lucky ticket at the conference won Liberty Lake a brand new, authentic Tipi from the Colorado Yurt Comapny!!!  Yes, a real Tipi for us to learn about Native American culture, and utilize at the survival skills elective amongst other activities. The big question... Who will get to sleep in the Tipi at the overnight...?


Lastly (for today), we have been working with Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) for many years- they have supplied us with our water trampolines, our huge pool slide, some of our boat fleet, and a whole bunch more. Well, these wonderful folks actually created a crazy huge SLIP 'N' SLIDE called the ZOOM FLUME- and we bought the first one! What will we do with a 30 ft. Zoom Flume, you may ask? Well, our initial thought is to place it facing down towards the lake from the Woods Walk, to go barreling into Liberty Lake itself- What do you think about that? I think that's some good "old time" fun!!!

Our 30 ft. ZOOM FLUME!
CRS is also designing a new bridge to replace our rope bridge which got ripped away by Hurricane Irene last fall- When completed, this "floating bridge" will allow us all to CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE LAKE- How awesome is that?

Today marks 80 Days 'til the first day of Pre-Week, which will mark the triumphant return of "Buzz Cut Day", by the way- thanks to our new friend Bob at the Columbus Barber Shop

Many more announcements to follow of awesome new activities, special events and enhancements to make 2012 ~ the Best Summer EVER!!!

See you real soon!
Andy Pritikin, Owner/Director- Liberty Lake

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