Friday, January 6, 2012

Liberty Lake’s New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year Liberty Bloggers!

At Liberty Lake, we continually strive to improve ourselves. Whether it’s coming up with new ideas or putting creative twists on old standards, much of the off-season in the camp office is spent making plans to make us better. As we say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, we have put together a list of LLDC New Year’s Resolutions - Things that we, as an organization, are dedicated to doing in 2012.

Camp Mission & Philosophy:
  • Continue to refine & enhance our core mission, philosophy and values - and infuse these in everything we do. We intend to build upon the commitment we made in 2011, to dedicate ourselves to teaching our Campers and Staff the 21st Century Skills to become successful, contributing adults in modern society.

  • Become more and more intentional in all of our thinking & doing. Last year we intentionally programmed our activities integrating the 21st Century Skills framework into the camp curriculum. In 2012, we intend to take this a step further, integrating these skills into our informal times, such as group times, lunch, special events, etc.

Outstanding Service To Camp Families:
  • Keep Camp affordable - both for current and new families, for as long as we can - we'll continue to keep our Camper Tuition rates frozen until we see the economy take a turn for the better!
  • Provide Liberty Lake families with added value and benefits through our newly established Family Benefits Program. The intent of this program is to provide Liberty Lake Families with exclusive discounts, services and offers from local businesses. We have several participating partners already, and will work hard to keep the list growing. 
  • Parenting Program/Workshop- We will be holding a Parent Workshop on the evening of March 1st to show the critically acclaimed movie Consuming Kids, and hold a discussion panel afterwards, moderated by Dr. Rafe Vecere.

Protect Our Environment:
  • From the negative effects of the New Jersey Turnpike's expansion and proposed Warehouse Distribution Facility. We will continue to "shake the trees" for environmental justice more than ever in 2012! Our goal is to double the number of members in the We Love Liberty Lake Coalition, and continue to promote awareness of environmental issues in our local communities. 
  • Continue Going Green- besides recycling more, we intend to start composting from our landscaping and lunch debris!

    Community Impact:
    • Increase the scope of our Liberty Lake Foundation by fostering more relationships with schools and youth development organizations. 
    • Continue to give the gift of camp to underprivileged children through Foundation “camperships. 
    • Promote physical and mental wellness at our Second Annual Community Health Day.

    Social Media & Website:
    • Continue improving our website - which has taken a giant leap forward into the 21st century this past year. In 2012, we plan to add more content & resources to the site, while also improving it's organization & layout - increasing it’s value for campers, parents and team members alike. 
    • Strengthen our connectivity & sharing with the Liberty Lake Family through our social media outlets. 

    Staff Team:

    • Retain our best team members from 2011 and find the best and brightest to add to our 2012 Team. 
    • More training and professional development for our summer and year-round teams.
    Camp Programming:
    • Amaze and wow with new special events, and new electives

    And of course.....
    Make 2012 our best summer yet!

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