Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 3 at Liberty Lake- Plus More!

Greetings Liberty Lake Families and Followers~

Week 3 is upon us, and the Summer is truly in mid-season form!
NJ Ren Faire "Lords of Adventure"

The weather has been mostly exceptional, although the end of last week presented some challenges at the end of each day- with the impending storms of liquid sunshine that can result from "hazy, hot and humid".  We actually went "old school" on Friday afternoon, and ran our Friday assembly under the Lunch Tent.  Of course in 2002, the entire Camp could fit under the lunch tent.  In 2011, the Juniors and Seniors filled the tent, while the Turtles, Frosh and Sophs were at the Willows Pavilion.  Both areas were entertained by our friends from the NJ Renaissance Faire, as well as Big Chris Wells' Rap Elective- shout out to new camper/rappers Zach (senior) and Blake (soph) who showed MAD SKILZ with their rhythms and rhymes!

This coming week is RODEO WEEK, and again we have with us local cowboy Troy D'Imperio and friends.  By friends, we're not just talking about fellow cowboys, but also cattle, horses, calves and other animals.  We will be learning how to lasso and do lots of fun stuff that you'd see in rodeos- THIS COULD BE THE GREATEST ELECTIVE IN THE HISTORY OF LIBERTY LAKE- So we encourage you to encourage your kids to sign up for it on Monday or Tuesday- even if they didn't sign up for it initially last week.  It should not be missed!

The Week 4 Elective Sheet is Online Now!  Check out new electives "Giant Adirondack Chair", "Scrapbooking" and more.  Every week the descriptions change- So be sure to have your campers read the new sheets and update their elective "Top 10" list through the CampMinder system.  Speaking of CampMinder, also know that every day, our amazing photographer Lori uploads over 100 pictures of your adorable children!  Be sure to check it out the photo gallery regularly, and our weekly "Best of the Week", which we also post on our Facebook Fanpage.  Tracy in our office updates that page with posts throughout the day (if you are a Facebooker).

Please sign up for our EMERGENCY TextCaster service, that will text you if our phone system goes down, or any other important emergency (we have never used it, but want to be prepared!).  Click HERE to register your cell phone(s)

Another important link for today- Our WEEK 2 LIBERTY NEWS.  It's pretty amazing what these campers can come up with, and Lori and Chris did a great job preparing the newsletter.  Enjoy!

Last Link- For those of you that take the Bus- Liberty Lake Day Camp- Week 3 Bus Times are online, and will stay similar to these times for the remainder of the regular Camp Season.

OK, one more... Rumor has it that the developer who owns the land-locked 100 acre farm behind Liberty Lake is very close to obtaining the last remaining permits needed to start building (or at least have permission to build).  We will be contacting you soon as to signing a form letter- but for now, if you'd like more information, check out our activist website:

By the way, most of these links can be found on the Liberty Lake Day Camp SummerZone page of the Liberty Lake website.  Thanks everyone for a GREAT start to Camp, and here's to another awesome week of FUN IN THE SUN!

Andy Pritikin

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